Monday, February 21, 2011

Pictures of myself visiting Onix cave

Hello guys! How is your weekend? I hope everyone of you enjoy the nice weekend. As for me I really had a good weekend full of fun. My husband and I went for a ride to see the Cosmic Cavern and Onyx cave. It was my first time to see the cave and I was surprised the temperature is great. It felt like there is an AC inside. The Cosmic cavern is great and big cave but I feel dangerous while walking because of the ladder is so high and is not well built. The Onyx is small but I feel very comfortable and safe because the way going inside is strong. The big rock you see in the photo is the Onyx cave and there is no tour guide when you go inside but you have to wear headset to listen which direction you have to pass. That was pretty neat and more fun. I love adventure and my husband as well. I hope I can visit another cave someday. My husband said there is a cave in Silver Dollar City. I hope to see that someday. The photo of with the motorbike was taken last Saturday. If you are planning to visit the Cosmic cavern I warn you to be very careful because it was big and deep. There is water inside and big fishes. In Onyx cave there a wishing well. That's great too, I think millions of people went there too just to make a wish. If their wishes come true I'm sure they will keep visiting there and wish over and over until all their wishes come true. Guys this is for now. I hope you enjoy to see the photos. If you have comments feel free to express and I will be happy to read them. Oh there is something I forgot to tell you, the Cosmic Caverns and onyx cave are located in Missouri and they are not too far from each other.

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